Just like us bees enjoy spending winter inside their cosy hive, eating honey and snuggling for warmth.

To have success with bees, observing and taking notes is the key. Here is a few tips to keep your bees happy over winter.

-Reduce and rearrange hives if you haven’t already. Remove empty frames, boxes and also entrances. Rearrange each hive in a way to keep brood frames together with honey frames at the either end. 🌟

-Check each hive to make sure they have enough honey over winter. 🌻

-Protect your hives from the elements of nature like extreme cold, high wind and dampness. 👾

-Keep up the OBSERVING. Do a quick check for food supplies, dead bees from entrances and general health of the hive. 💙

Enjoy the quite time until honey season starts again.