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We offer many workshops, activity and events for you to transform your consciousness and our world.



Come and explore our secret gardens. Learn about ecology, succession planting, food forests, permaculture design and much more.


,An introduction into beekeeping and learn about bees, maintenance for healthy hives and honey production. This is a mostly hands on experience with supporting theory to give to confidence to start your own beeyard.


Explore the ocean and play with waves. Dan has been surfing over a decade and sharing his passion of surf culture. Treat yourself a day in ocean.


Discover the beauty of a New Zealand estuarine ecosystem with kayaking. Rent a kayak and explore this untouched forest, home to unique plants and animals. Follow the waterway to a historic port, where you’ll encounter a marine reserve teeming with rich biodiversity. It’s a perfect blend of relaxation and adventure for nature enthusiasts like you.


Discover the magic of Hakea Tour, a captivating journey through Pakoka Scenic Reserve and the grounds of Hakea Retreat. Explore the lush food forest, encounter farm animals, and witness sustainability in action against the backdrop of Aotea Harbour. Hakea Tour offers a harmonious blend of scenic views and eco-conscious experiences, creating a memorable eco adventure.


Join us on a magical journey under the stars to witness the mesmerizing beauty of glow worms in their natural habitat. Guided through lush wilderness and marvel at the illuminating spectacle of these bioluminescent wonders. It’s a unique and enchanting encounter with nature’s luminous treasures, waiting for you to explore.


Hakea Gathering 23rd to 26th of February 2024

Kotahi karihi nāna ko te wao tapu nui a Tāne.
The creation of the forests of Tāne comes from one kernel.

Kia ora koutou,

Over the years, Hakea has become a collective project where creativity is gathered and shared in variety of forms including art, knowledge, music and much more. It is a place for alternative thinking as well as conscious celebrations. For that reason, we are grateful to announce the next Hakea gathering.

The gathering is oriented around community building ethics and a value system that celebrates life, personal growth, creative expression and connection/protection of Papatūānuku. 🌳

Our kaupapa (set of values, principles which are the foundations for our actions) is based on:
Kaitiakitanga, Te aroha ki a Papatūānuku, care of all living systems, our planet, our oceans, waterways and forests. This was once at the heart of our well being. Our unique identity as guardians is the source of restorative cycle of aroha in our lives. 🙏

Whanaungatanga, Te aroha ki ngā hononga, care for the self, kin and the community. We are born to connect, born social. Strengthening our bonds with others is a central part of our lives. 👨‍👨‍👧‍👧

Manaakitanga, Te aroha ki te tangata, the very essence of respectful caring and protection of others. 🌈

This will be an intimate family event with limited spaces to maximize the experience of connection sharing and love. There will be spaces available till we will reach Hakea’s capacity.

To make this happen a koha/donation is necessary. This Koha will go directly to covering the costs of the Gathering. (Please note this is a non profit event and everything goes into this to make it the best we can).

We have decided on three points of donation per person that you can contribute:

One Vibe: $60
One Tribe: $80
Hakea Love: $100

Please send Koha to this account:

Westpac Hakea

Important to note:
Reference: Your name
Particular: Hakea 23

Please make payment with these details to secure your spot, when we receive this payment we will put your name on the guest list.

We love having the whole whanau/family here and are making under 12yr free.

We understand for various reasons some people will not be able to afford this. If this resonates with you, we encourage you to get in touch and we’ll make it work. We do not want to discourage anyone due to financials. We want you and your vibrant energy here!

Koha/donations are open until the gathering begins or until we reach Hakea’s capacity. We encourage and appreciate if this is done sooner then we can put this into booking artists, workshops and other exciting activities.

The Hakea gathering is a camping style event so either bring your tent or van. There is a big grass shaded area to park/tent, bring your camping gear, food, warm clothes, swimming gear. (also marshmallows for fire), cushions to sit around, fairy lights if you have any and just anything that makes you happy. 😊

We hope to co-create this transformational gathering with YOU to have a positive impact on ourselves, in our communities and the Mother Earth itself. Alongside the music; interactive arts, expression and learning spaces will be present to allow you to share, co create, co inspire, dance, play, love and learn. Let’s transform our consciousness and our world. Join us in the magical land where time slows down and the outside world drops away.

For all volunteers, workshops and artists please get in touch with us if you are interested in sharing your talents in this gathering. We hope to co-create an amazing gathering with YOU💚

More details to be announced and please reach out if you have any questions.


Team Hakea 🌿

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Ramblers Walk October (Date to be Announced )

The annual highlight for local Ramblers group. They spend the day visiting our gardens, food forest and finally touring around scenic walk to see regenerating forest with Kowhai and Rewa Rewa flowers. This is also perfect time to witness many native birds enjoying themselves with all the native flowers.


Wilderness Survival Skills

Ash, the Senior Instructor and founder of New Zealand Survival Academy will be hosting some of his workshops at the Forest surrounding Hakea. He has developed a system based on collecting and refining teachings into easily understandable practical skills.

Information and skills are applied on-top of real world practical experience, that has been gathered from a professional career where real world survival is a daily consideration.

Our Military background created a ‘baptism of fire’ environment, at home and off shore on operations; from this we can help discern practical skills, tools, and information that is life saving as opposed to myth, common craft, ‘academic’ or amusing

If you want to get hands on and fully involved in a great learning environment then this is the workshop for you!

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